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May 16, 2008
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Fake Pokemon - Mnu Tau by Prinny-Dood Fake Pokemon - Mnu Tau by Prinny-Dood
Height 7 foot 2 inches
Species: Artificial pokemon
Type: Sound/psychic
Dex Entry: The Mnu experiment was undertaken in secrecy, with a wide range of test models using various techniques in an attempt to revive and exceed the success of Mewtwo. The Tau model was created by cloning Mewtwo rather than Mew, with significant genetic augmentations. It is one of only 2 models deemed a success in the Mnu line, proving to have extraordinary power.

Some extra information
The Mnu experiment was created to revive the pokemon hero Mewtwo with an enhanced body. After an attack by a strange unidentified pokemon, Mewtwo died trying to protect both his trainer and the surrounding city. Although he managed to fend off the pokemon and save those around him, he himself died soon after the encounter. Remembered not only as a hero but as one of the most powerful pokemon in known history, it became clear that he was still needed after his death when the mysterious pokemon began randomly attacking other cities. Aside from the first city he managed to save, the cities were devastated without the hero pokemon.

With Mewtwo's own creation having been manmade, a team was put together with the goal to not just repeat Mewtwo's success but to exceed it, and if at all possible, to revive the hero pokemon in a new body. Many models were created through many means, but in the end only 2 were deemed successes.

After many of it's brothers were created by trying to recreate the Mew clone concept, Mnu Tau was finally conceived by using Mewtwo's already altered dna as it's basis. Using new sciences developed since Mewtwo's original conception, the genetic code was altered and augmented far more, pushing it to the very limits of the scientist's capabilities. However the true success of Tau was not the genetic coding. Basing everything on an untested crackpot theory, Mewtwo's original consciousness was successfully recreated within the new, more powerful body. Like it's brother Mu however, the memories were difficult to transfer. While it's memories are not entirely missing like Mu's, they are very hazy and vague, feeling more like tales read to him by a parent than his own memories.

It is the first part of the Mnu duo, more or less the brother of Mnu Mu.

And no, they do not evolve into or from one another, and they are not different forms of one pokemon. They are 2 separate, distinct pokemon which originate from the same line of experiments. Their designations (Mu and Tau) are part of their actual names, not forme names. They are sometimes referred to simply as their designates, Mu and Tau, dropping the Mnu entirely.

While it maintains a personality like that of Mewtwo, due to his memories of his past self being so hazy he can be seen as behaving more like the offspring of Mewtwo than a direct copy. Given that he does retain SOME memories, hazy though they may be, he can be seen to behave somewhat like the elder brother of the pair, with memories of a parent passed away. His memories, though they may be hazy, are enough to make him a bit wiser and reserved compared to Mu.

The name was fun on this one...
instead of doing the original plan of Mew+number...I came up with Mnew. (pronounced New)
That looked funny though. So I changed the spelling to Mnu. Still pronounced the same, though. :)

Since this version of Mnu is (at this point loosely) based more on Mewtwo's proportions, I gave it the designate Tau, so that it sounds similar to "New two" (although tau is pronounced like ...well like tau. Whatever, close enough, I thought it was clever. xD)

One last thing to note

Yep, I ditched the Mewtwo evolution idea, and went instead for the more common third clone concept. At least it will be a bit more distanced from the new official Mewtwo form change. lol
This is also the beginning of me trying to establish my sound type a bit better. I'll be posting a specific list of weaknesses and strengths of sound type, as well as it's niche among types and why sound is relevant as it's own type.

Characters, artwork Chris Carter - Prinny-dood
Pokemon Nintendo, Gamefreak, and Ken Sugimori.
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Uh, he looks like Mewtwo. :l
Prinny-Dood Jul 17, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Looks like someone didn't read.
Prinny-Dood Jul 17, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Tebuscus Jun 18, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
that is awsome........
hey dude. i wanted to know if i can use ur concept of mnu tau for this game i am making. i really love ur art style and was hopping that i can use him for my game.
ShadowBoltFluttershy May 24, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
RayquazaMaster May 3, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Very cool! :D
Prinny-Dood May 3, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
danke :D
RayquazaMaster May 3, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Bitte! :D
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